Our Fees
Below you will find details of all fees related to ILO/IDO listings on Orijin. Depending on which blockchain/exchange you will find the correct associated fees.
Ethereum (Uniswap & Sushiswap)
BSC (Pancakeswap)
Matic (Quickswap)
Solana (Step Finance)
Additional Fees
Listing ILO Fee (Paid Option)
0.15 ETH
300 Matic
1.5 SOL
2.5% of funds raised
2.5% of tokens sold
Listing ILO Fee (Free Option)
5% of funds raised
5% of tokens sold


Additional Information on Fees

  • You will be presented with these two options when you are ready to finalise your pre-sale. Upon the success of your pre-sale, the above fee split will be automatically deducted with the remainder of funds raised being sent to the owner/creator address.
  • Fees are subject to change based on the general market pricing of the assets. All changes with fees will be updated in this section and also reflected on the platform itself.
Updated regularly.
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