Campaign Features & Benefits

Further Details
Instant Exchange Listing
List on SushiSwap, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quickswap or Step Finance instantly upon successful campaign completion.
Enable Whitelisted Campaign
Run public or whitelisted address campaign at the click of a button
Set Hardcap or Softcap
Choose the targets for your campaign with our easy-to-use UX/UI adjustable parameters.
Set Max Investment Amounts
Set maximum investment amounts users will be able to invest in your campaign per wallet.
No. of Investors
Easily view the number of investors in your campaign.
Auto-Lock Liquidity
Lock liquidity automatically with the Orijin Liquidity locker - select the duration of your lock with a few clicks.
KYC & Audit
Choose the option to contact KYC & Audit partners and have your KYC/Audit results reflected on your campaign.
Listing Fee Flexibility
Choose the option to pay upfront to list your campaign or choose the option to list free and pay a higher success fee percentage.