Whitelisted Auditing Partners

πŸ“Œ If you are an owner or creator launching an ILO soon on Orijin Launchpad, this is for you.

The table below will give you a list of our whitelisted audit partners which you are free to contact and select from.
The audit partners below will have specialised access to update your campaign from our "Partner" dashboard, once the audit is completed the auditor will mark your campaign with the results.
Please note, each auditor operates independently of Orijin Finance, and as a result has its own processes, prices, and timelines.
Auditor Firm
Get in Touch
Payment Type
🏷️ QuillAudits
Telegram: @QuillAudits
Form: TypeForm​
Crypto Payment
Fiat Bank Transfer
🏷️ TechRate
Telegram: @techrate_audits
Website: Techrate.org​
If your project has been audited by a reputable audit firm and they are not listed in the above list of pre-approved/whitelisted audit firms, please get in touch with one of our team.
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