More on KYC & Auditors

Background & Motivation

One of our main goals at Orijin is to make the process of investing in upcoming crypto and blockchain projects easier and safer for experienced and new investors alike.
Upon listing your ILO, project owners will be given the opportunity to contact our pre-vetted KYC and contract auditing partners. We’ve added this feature for the obvious reason, to enable investors to determine safe investments from potentially unsafe investments.
Please note: This is not to say projects that have not undergone an audit or KYC are unsafe or safe, please always DYOR.

Benefits of KYC & Auditing

🔍 Spot a problem early & Improve: Auditing your smart contract prior to ILO listing enables the auditor to run through your source code with a fine-tooth comb to spot any potential issues/backdoors which could potentially cause issues down the line.
📔 Auditors provide steps to solve an issue: If an issue is presented during an audit, our whitelisted auditors will usually present the most efficient way to solve your issue.
👁️ Confidential KYC: Projects will be able to receive a "KYC" badge on their project which can assist with investor confidence by contacting our KYC partner below.