Introduction - Orijin Finance

What is Orijin Finance?

Orijin Finance, enables users to invest in top project token sales across multiple blockchains Matic, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.
Orijin makes it easy for anyone to access projects with our easy-to-use platform and dashboard.
Our cross-chain IDO token launchpad platform will enable upcoming innovative projects to easily gain access to investors globally.

What can I do on Orijin Finance?

You can participate in decentralised IDO/ILO token listing pre-sale projects safely, quickly and easily.


The brand Orijin was launched in April 2021 with a view goal to re-shape the way investors and project owners connected whilst protecting investors.
Our first product, Orijin Launchpad enables users globally to safely and quickly contribute and invest in projects all on the blockchain.

Is Orijin Finance Launchpad safe to use?

Upon launching we will audit all of our smart contracts which users use to interact with when investing in any project.

Is Orijin live on Mainnet?

Currently, we expect Orijin to be live in 6 weeks.
Last modified 4mo ago